Friday, December 31, 2010

A Dairy Happy Moo Year

I know...."cheesy" title right?!
What better way for us to end the year than a test day? Every 6 weeks we have a crew from DHIA show up and they take milk samples from each cow in the herd to test for milk quality.
Seeing as how producing high quality milk is the ultimate goal of the farm this is a great tool.
We are particularly interested in the results from this test because we have been doing some trials with a new sanitary solution that we clean the cows under with before milking. We tried in on 2 of 9 groups of cows and plan on using it for all groups if we like the results from this test today.
We are very proud of how far we have come in the last decade when it comes to milk quality and have set new standards and goals each year. For 2010 we reached our goal of maintaining an average SCC (Somatic Cell Count) of under 100,000. (That was actually blown away- 94,000 BABY!)
Can't wait to improve on that in 2011!
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