Monday, May 2, 2011

Farm Fresh Food Blog

Two months ago I was asked by the Michigan Ag Council to participate in their new Farm Fresh Food Blog! This blog is a collaboration of Michigan farmers who share stories and recipes right from their own farm! Very exciting! My first thought was "No problem- I already blog so this should be easy." Well here we are 2 months later...I think I was suffering from Blogophobia or something! Finally submitted my first post! We have lots to get caught up on and first up- Maple Syrup Season 2011! Better check it out...I even give out our 6th generation Swiss Pancake recipe!


  1. Cheering you on! I love the idea of Farm Fresh Food Blog =).

  2. What a great idea - I will go check it out now!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

  3. Greetings from Amish Stories. Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa.