Monday, October 25, 2010

Gramps and Grannie's Last Gig

My Grandparents are the 2nd generation on our family farm. After they "retired" 13years ago they decided to become entrepreneurs and, at 70 and 64 years old, they started their own small business.


They named it Oesch's Mobile Soft-Serve Ice Cream. They travel all around west Michigan from April to November with their pick-up, generator, and trailer that holds 2 soft-serve ice cream machines.
This summer they booked anywhere from 4-6 events per week- they decided that back-to-back events was too much just this year.
The biggest chunk of their business came from graduation parties and filled in the rest of the summer traveling to weddings, company and church picnics, etc...
My grandpa maintains that his only regret is not starting this venture 10 years earlier.
He loves to give away ice cream- especially to customers claiming to have eaten too much. "It fills in the cracks!" is his answer for that problem.
Dairy prices have been pretty volatile since they began the business and they debated about ordering cheaper mix from Bareman's Dairy. They chose quality over profit and they claim that is the secret to their success. The custard mix makes an ice cream cone to remember!
That is why it is sad to say that Gramps and Grannie had their last gig last night. They served the last ice cream cone at our church's Sunday School Picnic.


The never ending ice cream sundaes will be missed next summer but it will be nice to have Grandpa and Grandma around for every family event, baby showers, birthdays- with them not working their tails off!

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  1. You are blessed to have such great examples in your Grandparents.