Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stop Michigan Meatout Day

*Please note: This post is originally from March 2010
Mar 17, 2010 10:20 AMStop Michigan Meatout Day from Dairy Discovery at SwissLane Farms by annie

This week is National Agriculture Week. A time to celebrate the abundance of safe, wholesome food that we are blessed with!
In Michigan, this week should be especially exciting- the Agriculture Industry is leading the state by generating $71 billion to Michigan's economy and continues to grow even in spite of the dire circumstances in the state.
However, Governor Granholm has repeatedly ignored and even belittled Michigan's Agriculture referring to it at one point as "a tired industry" and by recommending cut after cut to an already struggling Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) budget.
Now the governor has gone even a step further to condemn the industry by her latest proclamation Michigan Meatout Day . This is a campaign that is founded and promoted by extremest Animal Rights organizations that strive to abolish animal agriculture and promote a Vegan lifestyle. It is sad and scary that the governor can't/doesn't choose to use discernment in making decisions and how they can effect Michigan's industry segments.
If she were truly concerned with promoting a healthy lifestyle and diet for Michigan's residents then she should be advocating for a diet that is high in protein(meat and dairy products) as well as fruit, grains, and vegetables and encouraging activity. Not simply singling out specific products. Instead of a Meatout Day it would make a lot more sense to have "Five Fruit Day."

Please take a moment to Share Your Opinion with Governor Jennifer Granholm and ask her to support Michigan Agriculture and join the 'Stop Michigan Meatout Day' on facebook.
We are 220 days away from electing a new governor! Imagine what Michigan Agriculture will be able to accomplish with a governor who supports it!

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