Monday, November 15, 2010

Deer Gun Season Opener 2010

Three years ago most of the local hunters got together for the first Tyler Creek QDM (Quality Deer Management) meeting. They have been working hard to manage the deer population and this year we are really starting to see results in our area.
Crop damage and car-deer accidents are on the decline and the size, health, and quality of the deer that are being harvested are increasing!
Tonight, at our meal-time prayer, I thanked God for His creation and being able to harvest deer, and my 6year old started laughing "You don't harvest deers!!"
Ah, a teaching opportunity!
We had a little talk about how managing the population and health of a species, then utilizing as much of animal as possible is not just harvesting but also being a good steward of our resources.

har-vest- (verb) to catch, or remove for use.

How amazing that some animals can eat crops and grasses and turn them into an essential resource- protein- for our use.
I am sure that these may end up over a mantle or on the living room wall as a trophy mount, but so much more important, as a meal for our neighbors in need (burger and steaks) or a pair of warm leather gloves (a family friend owns the local hide shop).
It makes me think of one of my favorite quotes: "Everything lives. Everything dies. And death with a purpose gives full meaning to life."-Trent Loos

Happy harvest hunters! Be safe!
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  1. I like your perspective - great way of putting it - I may even steal your last quote. :) Hope you all have a safe season. BTW - you probably know about it - there is an organization - Hunters for Hunger (or something close to that) - my son knows for sure. Anyway, people can give their deer to them and it is packaged, frozen and given to people in need.