Monday, November 1, 2010

Shelled corn Harvest on hold

We are (were) on track to finish harvest about 6-7 weeks ahead of last year.
The corn has been running around 18% moisture and takes no time at all to dry. Last year the corn was so wet and cold it just took forever to dry and we went through a lot of propane-way more than we expected. So this beautiful fall weather that we have been blessed with has saved us lots of time and $$!
We are averaging right around 200 bushels per acre (last year around 160). And corn is selling for about $5/bushel (last year $4/bushel).
So its been a pretty great year but it seems like there's always somethin'....
We have run into a small problem... we ran out of room!! We actually have to build a new bin before we can finish the last 300 (out of 1200 acres of shelled corn)!
They started putting up the new bin and it should be ready to fill in a couple days!
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